Parkdale and Rocky Mountain Care Facilities Give Back


Parkdale and Rocky Mountain Care Centers are giving back to residents in need.

Two halves В of the same whole- Rocky Mountain Home Health and Hospice and Parkdale Care Center, focus on rehabilitation,В independenceВ and dignity for В the patients they serve. As partners with the same goal, the facilities В participate in a grant program through the United Way to help purchase rehabilitation and durable medical equipment, that is not only used in the facilities, but in patients’ homes as well.

Parkdale understands the need for such equipment in the homes of those recovering, and spending time with those they love, and also realize that Rocky Mountain Home Care does not have enough equipment to supply everyone in need. That is why this Wednesday, Parkdale donated over $1200 in durable medical equipment to Rocky Mountain Home Care. The equipment included two hospital beds, walkers, wheel chairs, and more.

“There’s always someone in need and the home health nurses can’t simply provide this expensive equipment,” said Nathanial Woodward Marketing Coordinator with Parkdale.

With the proper equipment available, Parkdale and Rocky Mountain can improve the quality of care provided to our loved ones, and make their time at home as productive and comfortable as possible. If you have medical equipment that is no longer of use to you, pass it on. Simply contact, or bring your equipment to Parkdale Care Center or Rocky Mountain Home Health and Hospice, and help someone in need today.

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