Pavement Assessment to be Conducted in Helper


Press Release

Helper City recently engaged Utah State University (USU) to discuss a pavement assessment for the city. The city has roughly 18 miles of pavement, much of it re-done in conjunction with the water and sewer upgrades. As time has passed, an assessment is needed to evaluate and categorize roads.

The assessment is scheduled for March 22 and will likely take the entire day, with Randy Wahlen leading the way for USU. During the day, Helper residents may see Wahlen and students out and about taking photographs and possibly flying drones to capture the state of each road.

Once completed, this data will be loaded into the Helper GIS system and decisions regarding maintenance can be made with accurate information about the state of the roads.

“This effort is important as it can extend the life of the roads an additional 10 years or more if we proactively take care of them now.” stated Mayor Lenise Peterman. “By capturing this information and having it in our database, the city can properly budget and take better care of the road investments done to date. If you see Randy or others on March 22, extend a warm welcome and know they are performing a task requested by the city.”

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