Pet of the Week | Shaggy


Shaggy is exactly what you’d expect when thinking of his Scooby-Doo namesake. Slender, fast, often confused, loud, and so so lovable! Shaggy is the cuddliest cat of his litter, and loves nothing more than being held and dotted on. He does love his siblings, but tends to prefer people over other cats. Hes fine with stranger cats, but does take a bit longer to warm up to them. When hes not crying to attention or being rocked to sleep, he is playful and active. He would do best in a home that has a lot of time to give him attention. He will demand it, literally. Be prepared for a talkative cat! He and his siblings have not been around dogs, but would acclimate just fine to one, and he would do great with children.

For more information, please contact Carbon Cat Rescue at (435) 820-2704 or on Facebook.

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