Pineau’s Power Tumbling Compete in State Meet


On April 27, Pineau’s power tumbling and trampoline team traveled to the state meet that took place in Delta. This team is coached by Sierra Jensen, Trinity Payton and Mae Dean Mathis.

Faithlynne McBride received first place all three times followed by Neveah Whiting with the same scorings. Noami Mathis received first place twice, followed by second place. This same scoring stood for Rickelle Collins.

Tylee Jenson received first, second and third, followed by Kashley Rhodes who received first place, then fifth place twice. Kambryn Iriart received first, fifth and seventh while Mackenna Payton scored second, third and sixth. Indie Pikyavit received second place, then fifth place twice while Audacee Eden finished out the scoring with a third, fourth and fifth place.

“This was one of the hardest working teams yet,” stated Neilson. “They are still working hard in preparation for the Utah Summer Games in June. Come join us!”

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