Pineau’s Tumbling and Trampoline Team Hosts Meet


Photo courtesy of PT3

Pineau’s Tumbling and Trampoline Team (PT3) hosted a meet on Feb. 17.

Placing first for PT3 were Sophia Stevenson, Nash Seevers, Lennen Candelaria, Tinnley Karcich, Grace Hardy, Jaxx D’Ambrosio, Jaydexx D’Ambrosio, Jerix Ballard, Benjamin Axelgard, Noah Brown, Mackenna Payton and Indie Pikyavit.

Flora Matsuda, Lauren Austin, Jaxon Marvidakis, Lola Mabbot, Berlynn Axelgard, Jordyn Pierce, Anya, Myra and Luxx D’Ambrosio all took second place for PT3.

Continuing, third-place finishes for Pineau’s Tumbling and Trampoline went to Cipriano Garcia, Ryanna Pantelakis, Harper Wheeler, Kimber Oviatt, Dodger Seevers, Angel Slama and Mikelle Slama. Edith Varner took fifth place for PT3.

The Carbon County Recreation tumblers that placed were Emberly Knighton, Blakelee Olson, Madison Fredrickson and Kara Fowles in second place, Bradie Timothy and Brooks Basinger in third, and Merriam Hanson, Emberly Hanson and Emma Truman in fourth.

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