Pinnacle and Green River Play in Tri-School Tournament


The Pinnacle High Panthers participated in a golf tournament at the Carbon Country Club on Thursday. Other teams that participated were Green River and Monticello. Both the boys and girls teams competed at the same time.

Individual boy’s scores for Pinnacle included Huntter Sherman (116), Dalton Bradley (116), Abe Acosta (119), Harley Barker (121), Tanner Hansen (122), Tristan Alcon (143) Emilio Gonzales (154). In boys, Pinnacle took third with 472, Monticello second with 375 and Green River first with 363.

Girl’s scores for Pinnacle included Kaysha Dunegan (130), Nikki Borba (131), Kylee Quinlog (155) and Kaeley Taylor (163).

“Right now, Pinnacle has two boys in the top twelve who will qualify for state, Emilio Gonzales and Tristan Alcon, along with all the girls,” coach Cameron Gardner from Pinnacle said.

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