Pioneer Park Cabins Pay Tribute to Early Settlers


The pioneer cabins that are located in Price’s Pioneer Park are a staple of the community, commemorating the history of those that came before us.

Before the 1992 centennial for Price, the Daughters of Utah Pioneers, the Carbon County Historical Society and the E. Clampus Vitus Mountain Charlie Chapter wished to renovate the two cabins and make them resemble a residence.

It is no secret that the cabins in those times were very small and the pioneers worked hard to construct housing with what they had. Large families were raised in very small homes with children often playing outside and assisting in the housework and farming. The pioneers were often close to God, were faithful people and frequented church.

“These two cabins are unique in the fact they are among the oldest dwellings in Carbon County,” stated Daughters of Utah Pioneers’ LeRae Stuart. “The past 30 years, the Carbon County Company of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers have continually maintained these two cabins (Clifford and Grames).”

Stuart continued by stating that the living conditions inside the cabins are reflections of the way of life for the pioneers that came before us. The Daughters of Utah Pioneers have worked at sewing curtains, quilts, pillow cases and more for the cabins, creating the appearance of habitation within the two featured cabins.

The cabins have been chinked and oiled twice, and have had trim added around the windows. In addition, the interior of both cabins were painted in the fall of 2020. The exterior is a continuous effort of work to ensure that weeds and debris are kept from the area.

Stuart and the other Daughters of Utah Pioneers are available for tours or other activities at the cabins. Contact Stuart, Cindy Vouk or Penny Boyack through the Price City Facebook page for more information.

“We’re looking forward to providing more opportunities to experience the cabins now and in the future,” Stuart concluded.

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