Pirates Flounder in Four


ETV 10 News stock photo by Dusty Butler

The Green River Pirates continued their work over the week, facing off against rivals such as San Juan and Grand but never being able to put up a victory.

Last Wednesday’s bout of action pitted the Pirates against the Broncos. The Broncos grabbed a huge 32-4 lead in the first, with the Pirates responding by managing 19 of their own in the second. In the end, however, it wasn’t enough for the win and the Pirates admitted an 84-36 defeat.

Next up for the team was a faceoff against the Wendover Wildcats Friday, which ended in a 69-58 loss for Green River. The first had Green River trailing by a mere three points, but Wendover responded in the second to widen the gap to 42-32 en route to the overall victory.

Then, after a quick turnaround, the Pirates and Tigers met in Green River on Saturday with hopes of victory. Tabiona ended the first half with a 36-25 lead despite Green River’s game-high 14 in the first. Tabiona continued to dominate the scoreboard, eventually grabbing the win 68-44.

Green River’s most recent bout of action against Grand ended similarly on Tuesday, with the team putting up a valiant effort but falling 103-55.

Jacob Cox scored high for the Pirates, netting a total of 38 points in two of the games with eight three-point shots. Tate Engleman managed 13 in the team’s faceoff against San Juan with a three-point shot as well. Trey Vetere also managed to make his way into the double figures during the team’s match against Tabiona with 11.

The team’s next chance at victory will come on Friday, Jan. 6 when the Pinnacle Panthers will host the Pirates in Price.

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