Plans in Motion for Helper Saturday Vibes


Kimberly Kuehn visited the Helper City Council members during their April meeting to present an exciting opportunity for the summertime.

Kuehn moved to Helper nearly a year ago and was drawn to the stage that is in the Main Street park. Kuehn has been in the event business for over 15 years and created an event in Park City 17 years ago. With this under her belt, she wished to propose that the stage be programmed for eight Saturdays starting in June for “Helper Saturday Vibes.”

This event will feature bands, food trucks, a beer garden, nonprofit kids’ activities, artists and more. She said this will really activate the park and get some action going. In between bands, she proposed businesses, nonprofits and the like taking to the stage to speak on their mission, fundraisers and what they can do to enhance their business.

Kuehn previously went through the events calendar for Helper and dialed in the needs by taking the Arts, Music and Film Festival, First Friday events and the annual car show into consideration. She wanted to really get a gauge on how to activate Main Street every weekend, not just during those special events.

From there, Kuehn explained that this would create jobs with seasonal positions. Two bands per Saturday were proposed, as well as artists booths and more.

“Organized chaos, that’s what I like to say about that,” stated Kuehn.

She also remarked that she does not anticipate closing Main Street and would like to begin small. Helper City Mayor Lenise Peterman stated that knowing her years of experience, she believes that Kuehn has the protocol in place that will protect the city for such events. The music area was approved and it was stated during the meeting that other areas will be worked on over time.

Following this, during a special city council meeting that was hosted on April 8, the city council then approached the local area consent to sell beer during the event. Mayor Peterman stated that Kuehn did a very nice presentation at the previous meeting and all that was needed was the motion to approve, which was made.

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