Plans in Motion to Install ADA Accessible Ramp at the Price City Library


A project that has been long in the making is finally near to fruition at the Price City Library (PCL) according to Bret Cammans, Price City Customer Service Director.

This project is the installation of an ADA accessible ramp that leads to the PCL basement. In the past, when the project was first thought of, the basement needed a lot of attention. However, as community members that utilize the library’s service well know, the basement in the library is now a favorite for young citizens.

Due to this fact, there was a major push for ADA access in the form of the ramp. A grant that was applied for the previous year was not approved, which did not discourage the library staff. The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) was applied for once again this year and approved.

This grant still has a couple steps before it meets finalization. With more time, the library staff and Price City will be able to advertise for bids from contractors.

In the meantime, improvements have been ongoing for the library in the form of new windows that have been installed of the forefront of the building as a part of the master plan to rebuild.

At this time, there is not projected date for the installation of the ramp to begin. Cammans wished to express his deepest appreciation to former PCL employee Norma Procarione, as well as current employee Tine Rowley, for working hard to see that the grant was received for this project. He stated that he is mainly overseeing the plans and improvements.

“Those two ladies were instrumental in us getting this grant,” Cammans concluded.

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