Plans Progress for 2021 International Days Celebration


International Days stock photo by Jeff Barrett

With just two months to go before the 2021 International Days celebration, another meeting in regard to all things preparation was hosted on Tuesday afternoon.

The meeting began with talks on the annual parade’s grand marshal nominations, with Megan Marshall remarking that in the past they have selected them a few weeks prior to the parade, meaning that there is still time to submit nominations. It was decided that a ballot can be created for one of the future meetings. Price City Councilman Layne Miller shared that he is working on solidifying the junior grand marshal now.

Applications for the parade entries will go up along with the flyer and should be ready to go before the next meeting. There are 11 booths reserved for International Days so far and calls have come in recently for more.

Councilman Miller also shared that a number of them met and reviewed Fourth North to decide exactly how to place the stage and bathrooms. Then, Carbon County Recreation’s Aubrey Kirkwood stated that they are looking into the 5K to ensure that the timing system is ready. They will also have a safety expert certify the climbing wall as it is getting older. As long as it passes, it is still good for the celebration.

The disc golf tournament, being hosted by USU Eastern, is slated to take place on the Saturday of International Days at 8 a.m. The university is in the process of ordering discs to ensure that everyone in the tournament will have one. Unfortunately, USU Eastern also announced that they have to cancel the video game competition as they do not have everything necessary for it.

There is still discussion being had about a possible cornhole tournament, with the idea that Carbon Rec may sponsor. Available resources and age brackets were also briefly discussed, before International Days Chairman and City Councilman Boyd Marsing spoke with David Jelin, the American Legion Post 3 Commander.

The American Legion will be part of both the grand parade and the opening ceremonies that will take place at the Price City Peace Gardens on Thursday evening at 6 p.m.

Marshall then stated that they have been pushing for axe throwing for a couple of years and now there is a company in town that does just that. A proposal was submitted with the thought of finding a sponsor for an axe throwing event with a flat rate.

The throwing would be free for patrons to participate as long as the sponsor is found and Marshall said that it is a great opportunity for everybody, as well as a lot of fun. There would also be a plastic axe throwing section set up for the younger children.

The group then concluded the meeting with the announcement that the next planning session will take place on June 8 at noon.

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