Plethora of Locals Pledge Loyalty to Price City


A special oath of office ceremony was hosted in the Price City Hall auditorium on Wednesday evening to induct a large number of citizens into the loyal service of Price City.

The ceremony began with Price City Mayor Mike Kourianos inviting Judge George Harmond to the podium to conduct the ceremonies. Mayor Kourianos expressed his appreciation to Harmond, as another judge was set to perform the ceremonies but was unable, so Harmond took the time out of his busy schedule.

Following this, Kiera Luke was welcomed to the stage to conduct her oath of office before being welcomed onto the Price City Library Board as an active member.

Next, Chief Brandon Sicilia took the stage to assist in the performance of the conducting ceremony for four new officers for the Price City Police Department (PCPD). Chief Sicilia thanked all for their attendance and said that it was a great honor and privilege to introduce the new members.

Following this, Garrett Safley, Frankie Tapia, Matt Montoya and Colton Greener were sworn into the department. Chief Sicilia stated that each new officer is a long-time resident of Carbon County and they are ready to serve and protect the citizens.

Finally, the new Youth Council members were brought onto the stage for their ceremony. A staggering 24 youth from the area will be on the council, including Ryan Brady, Katie Jones, Daryn Mason, Graydee Noyes, Emily Parry, Lexi Dart, Pierce Bryner, Joey Leautaud, Avery Gunter, Maddie Criddle, Nate Morley, Lanie Anderson, Landrie Anderson, Landen Anderson, Jared Saccomanno, Brooke Olson, Danni Blanton, Lindsie Fausett, Lindsey Jesperson, Kacie Brady, Karli Hillam, Ambree Jones, Braxton Ware and Sydnie Callahan.

“This is our future,” Mayor Kourianos said regarding the Youth Council.

He then thanked everybody for being a part of the ceremony and said that it is a great honor to have new officers on the force, also expressing his pride in the PCPD.

Concluding, Mayor Kourianos took time to thank Terri Tubbs, saying that she has been instrumental in helping with the youth council projects. Tubbs was credited as being very dependable and having a love for the local youth. She was then presented with flowers and a plaque as a thank you.

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