Pop Central Opens on Huntington Main Street


On July 29, Pop Central was welcomed to the area by the Emery County Business Chamber (ECBC). The business celebrated with a ribbon cutting ceremony as they welcomed members of the community to the shop.

Jon and Lacey Faimalo brought the business to Huntington, with Lacey stating that they had discussed the idea for a while before deciding to open a drink shop. They are hoping that the Main Street location will attract tourists and locals alike. Currently, there are 10 part-time employees, though high schoolers will be back in school soon and the need for day-shift employees will arise.

The business has been open for just over two weeks and has been very busy already with a steady line. Currently, the hours at Pop Central are Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., though the hours may change in the winter season, possibly opening early.

Drinks such as hot chocolate, and possibly coffee, will also be added to the winter menu. The location features an outdoor menu board for perusal of specialty drinks, an order window for quick pickup and a counter inside.

The delicious features of Pop Central do not stop at drinks, however. There are also pretzel bites with cheese and cookies for sale. Pop Central is located at 365 South Main Street in Huntington.

“The Emery County Business Chamber wishes Pop Central much success as they open their new business,” the ECBC shared. “Jordan Leonard from the business chamber presented the Faimalos with a welcome plaque and wished them good luck.”

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