Price Chapel Dedicates Gigantic Flag to Commemorate Flag Day**Image Gallery**


In honor of Flag Day, Price Chapel with special guest Mayor Joe Piccolo dedicated a 20×30 foot flag Thursday to adorn its property on Price River Drive.

“If I had a conversation with this flag what would she say to me,” he said. He then read to the audience what she would say. “I stand for peace, honor, truth, justice and freedom. I am invincible, I am strong and I am proud.”

Following the Mayor’s remarks, the American Legion dedicated the flag and presented the colors. They then raised the flag up the 80-foot pole followed by the Pledge of Allegiance led by the scout troop 286.

“That was amazingly beautiful and I am going to remember that flag going up that tall pole for the rest of my life,” the Mayor remarked.

The Mayor then presented a plaque to Price Chapel followed by remarks from Don Wilcox and Ray Peterson. Price Chapel Pastor Milt Davis then gave a benedictory prayer to end the program.

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