Price City Announces New Ordinance Compliance Officer


The Price City Police Department (PCPD) announced on Thursday that the city has welcomed a new member to their ranks: ordinance compliance officer Kim Wilcox.

Officer Wilcox has been a lifelong resident of Carbon County and has over a decade of experience working in animal control for the Carbon County Sheriff’s Office.

“Kim’s unwavering dedication, love and support for animals, her natural ability to empathize with people, and her kindness, makes Price City extremely lucky to have her,” the PCPD stated.

The PCPD expressed its appreciation of the patience of the community as the ordinance compliance position has been vacant for several months. Wilcox hit the ground running in the position, already issuing warrants for various ordinance issues.

The city’s goal is to obtain voluntary compliance through written warnings and the department encouraged all with questions or concerns regarding Price City ordinances to contact Wilcox at (435) 636-3008.

“The goal with ordinance compliance is to maintain the appearance and beauty of our community, protect the health and safety of our community, and ensure the welfare of our citizens, businesses and visitors. Thanks for keeping Price beautiful,” the PCPD concluded.

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