Price City Brings Together the Past and the Present to Celebrate Its 100th Anniversary


As the dignitaries stepped to the pulpit and signed the document recognizing Price City’s incorporation, it may well have looked like the scene that happened 100 years ago– men in suits and work clothes, ladies in dresses and hats, celebrating the beginning of what they hoped would be an exciting future for the small mining town.

The 100th Birthday Celebration for Price City, held on Saturday, April 9, brought together a mixture of the past and the future. Young students came with their parents to share in the celebration, and were served cake and ice cream by the mayor and city council, who wore clothing that closely matched that seen on the murals in the foyer of the Price City Auditorium where the celebration was held.

The event was the celebratory beginning of the year’s Centennial events that will stretch from April 1, the date when Price City officially became incorporated 100 years ago, to September 30, 2011.

The council dressed up to mark the occasion and to add a little fun. As Mayor Joe Piccolo put it, “That’s what this celebration is going to be about, having a little fun while we remember the past hundred years, and hoping the next hundred will be just as gracious to this community.”

The program held before the refreshments were served began with a recognition of those who had worked to put the event together. Then, the winners of competitions held between local schools to mark the event were awarded savings bonds. Younger students won for their submissions of art projects they had created using 100 items, and older students won for their submissions of essays marking the Centennial.

After the awards concluded, the Mayor discussed a time capsule designed and built by city workers that the city plans to include in the Price Centennial Parkway that will be dedicated later this fall. Citizens interested in having articles included in the time capsule are encouraged to contact the city council or the Centennial Committee.

Mayor Piccolo also revealed the design of the Official Price Centennial Flag. The design was submitted by Mary Lou Dornan, a local artist whose work was chosen from that of 12 other local artists. This flag, along with specially designed Centennial Bricks will be available for purchase to mark the occasion.

The 100th Birthday event was sponsored by Zion’s Bank and Peterson Chemical and Janitorial Supply Company.

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