Price City Council Approves Firework Restrictions


Dry summers often challenge the seasonal holiday fireworks, which is a topic that the Price City Council tackled during its meeting on Wednesday evening. This was accomplished with the consideration and possible approval of an ordinance restricting the discharge of fireworks within the municipal boundaries of Price City.

Also discussed was setting the location and the duration of the restriction. Price City Mayor Mike Kourianos explained that they developed a plan and outlined a map for aerial fireworks and the potential of fires during this year’s dry situation.

Last year, with the restrictions that were put in place due to the drought, the Price City Fire Department did not have to go on a single fire call due to the information released ahead of time. This year, the city will open the restrictions a bit, but are limiting them to no aerial fireworks unless they are set off in designated areas.

The city and the fire department have provided a map that outlines where the aerials are and are not allowed. Nick Tatton stated that, consistent with prior practice, the ordinance can be rescinded by the city council. As the dates grow closer, there is the capacity to make a change if needed.

The ordinance will expire on Nov. 1, which means that the council can either proactively change it or it will expire naturally. The mayor said that as a council, they have looked at the businesses that the restriction may impact, though it does not restrict the selling of fireworks, just the types of fireworks and areas of discharge.

“The purpose of the restrictions of fireworks in Price is to protect the urban-wildland interface areas that have historically been of concern for the city,” stated Price City Fire Chief Fitzgerald Petersen. “With these restrictions in place, we can better protect our citizens and property within our city borders.”

The ordinance was approved by the council. The five areas of restrictions are Woodhill, East Bench, South East, the Fairgrounds and Price River, which are outlined in the above map for further clarification.

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