Price City Council Honors Employee for 20 Years of Service, Welcomes New Police Officer


Human resource director John Daniels recognized Bryanna Welch Wednesday night at the Price City Council meeting for serving and working with the city for 20 years.

Welch, who was praised for her performance and dedication, received a certificate of appreciation and was recognized for her many accomplishments as an employee of Price City. Mayor Joe Piccolo and the rest of the council were pleased with Welch and what she has offered to the city.

Also at the meeting, the newest police officer of Price City, Shawn Sackett, took an oath to serve the people of the city. Chief Kevin Drolc recognized officer Sackett by welcoming him and his family, who was there supporting him at the meeting.

Fourteen-year-old Boy Scout Anthony Jones stood before the council requesting an approval regarding the USU Eastern baseball field. He came before the council to ask permission to begin an Eagle Scout project that will involve pouring new concrete and removing rocks at the field. Mayor Piccolo told Jones to let the council know if he needs any help from the city to get the project finished.


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