Price City Council Honors Retiring Fire Chief


When Fitzgerald “Fitz” Petersen returned to Carbon County, he filled the role of the Price City Fire Chief. Fitz quickly became a staple of the community and during the Price City Council meeting hosted on Wednesday, his retirement was highlighted.

Petersen was unable to attend the recognition and Price Police Chief Brandon Sicilia was asked to act in his behalf. Mayor Mike Kourianos stated that as a council and as a city, they are very thankful for his years of service in firefighting. He said that in a short amount of time, he has achieved a great amount of respect from the community for his hard work and loyalty.

The mayor opened the floor for the other council members to give remarks. Councilman Joe Christman stated that the city was a recipient of a benefit for Petersen to come back home and be the chief, while Councilwoman Amy Knott-Jespersen spoke about his “life is duty” tattoo, stating that his whole life embodied that saying.

“Every now and again, you meet somebody who feels like a best friend you just haven’t met yet,” said Councilman Layne Miller. “That’s how I felt when I met Fitz for the first time.”

Councilman Miller continued by stating that he and Petersen have very many things in common and it was great to have him with the city. He said that he hated to see Petersen go and thanked him for his service.

The city had a commemorative plaque prepared for Petersen that will be presented to him at a later date.

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