Price City Council Urges Citizens to Stay Hydrated


The Price City Council meetings always include a chance to present safety tips of varying topics to community members. On Wednesday evening, the safety seconds were presented by Councilman Joe Christman.

The focus this time around was on staying hydrated. It is a hot summer, and there are still warm days ahead before the fall weather begins. Councilman Christman stated that oftentimes, people believe that they are staying hydrated but by and large, they are not.

He encouraged individuals to drink water even before the thought of being thirsty enters the mind. Some symptoms of dehydration, as presented by Councilman Christman, are memory loss, confusion and infrequent urination. He suggested a minimum of 64 ounces of water per day, and encouraged even doubling that amount.

Continuing, it was a short agenda for the council members, with two main topics to tackle. The first was the consideration and possible approval of a resolution that would update the Price City overdue and fines policy for the city library. With no added discussion, this was approved.

Up next was the resolution for the steel 1 solar amended and restated agreements. This would pertain to amendments as well as a restated transaction schedule and resolution. This was also approved by the council with no further discussion on the topic.

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