Price City in Good Shape According to Audit Report


Richard Marsing presents the annual Price City Audit report to the council on Jan 22

Greg Marsing from the accounting firm Smuin, Rich and Marsing presented the Price City Council with its annual audit report. Despite the fact that revenues are down this year and expenditures are slightly up, the city is in good financial shape, according to the audit.

Marsing gave praise to the work that financial director Lisa Richens does to keep the financial information current and available for the council to use throughout the year. He said that many cities he audits do not do that and end up scrambling to fix problems.

Also during the meeting, there was discussion about the cost to run the Price City pool. Currently, the pool does not generate funds to cover the operating costs. Mayor Joe Piccolo stated that he sees it as a wanted service for the community and worth the price to keep it open. However, he also noted that if the time comes when budget cuts are needed, pool operations will have to be looked at.

Gary Sonntag reported that Scofield Reservoir is slowly filling up and there is a little more snow on top. However, much more snow is needed to keep the area from looking at water restrictions. Sonntag and his department will work to examine last year’s water usage to help determine where potential cuts this year could come from.

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