Price City Library Needs Assessment Meeting has a Positive Turnout


A meeting was held on Thursday night to discuss the future of the Price City Library. Ken Young, a member of the Utah Community Planners, was in charge of the meeting which was attended by approximately 50 people.

“First off, I would like to let everyone know that the future of the library is not in jeopardy,” explained Young. “The library is doing great. This meeting is just to assess how to use what the library already has and make it better then present it to the Price City Council.”

The meeting then proceeded with an electronic survey that each person in attendance participated in. Questions in the survey included what hours of operation are most convenient, the main reason why people don’t use the library and how the customer service ranks at Price City Library.

After the survey, the meeting was open for public comment. During this time, ideas were generated on what the public would like the see in the future at the library. Many would like to see the children’s area moved to the basement to allow more space and freedom for children to play in their own area, possibly with computers. Others at the meeting would like to see evening and Saturday hours increased and a better interior appearance at the library.

Finally, those at the meeting broke into groups to review a library floor plan and write down what they think each area should be used for.

Ideas generated in the need assessment meeting will be summarized into a report by Young and presented to the city council some time in late September. From there, the council will decide what changes, if any, will be made to the library to help it better serve the community.

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