Price City Mayor Dedicates Price River Trail***Image Gallery & Video***


Price City Mayor Joe Piccolo dedicated the recently-completed Price River Trail Thursday in front of school children, community members and those responsible for its completion.

Price City Street and Fleet Supervisor J. Scott Olsen led the meeting. Russell Seeley, P.E., an engineer for Price City, gave a brief trail development history. The crowd was then entertained with two songs sung by Creekview Elementary students. Mayor Piccolo dedicated the trail presenting the plaque that sits to the side of it. With help from the students in attendance, Mayor Piccolo then cut the ribbon officially opening the trail to the public.

Excerpts from Mayor Piccolo’s dedicatory speech:

“These Projects don’t happen without a lot of collective efforts and this one is living proof that the collective efforts are worth while.”

“I can’t help but feel the spirit that exists on this trail with theВ centennialВ celebrationВ that has just taken place. For one hundred years Price City residents have worked hard and fought for what they believed to be the quality of life.”

“When I look at you all I see a tapestry that has been painted for this community for over one hundred years now. We have gold threads and black threads, red threads, beige threads and blue threadsВ that singularly make a little difference at a time. Collectively we paint a beautiful tapestry in our community. I Believe that is what has happened with this trail, beginning of a story that will unfold for generations perhaps to connect Scofield to East Carbon andВ I hope that we’ll connect north and south.”


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