Price City Moves Toward Developing a Business Improvement District


Price City Press Release

Starting in August and following the advice of the Roger Brooks consult, Price City organized a committee to explore the creation of an improvement district in the downtown area. The idea is to make a walkable, pleasant and entertaining venue in the area to draw people in for business and recreation. All types of improvement are being evaluated, including improvements to the public areas as well as encouragement for private property owners and businesses to update and upgrade.
On Nov. 13, the group that has been organized to engineer the project met for the third time. Included in the committee are Mayor Mike Kourianos, two city council members, city employees, several people who operate or own businesses downtown as well as other public and private entities and agencies.
Still in the early stages of development, the discussion at the meeting ranged from what kinds of changes in infrastructure in the area would benefit the business district to ideas on how to finance the changes.
A preliminary geographical representation of what areas could be brought under the district was presented by the city with the downtown area broken down into three distinct areas of development that may be brought into the district over a few years.

Working subcommittees that have been created by the group include an ambassadors group to keep the community informed about what will happen, a budget committee, which is tasked with defining financial resources that could be used, a project committee that will evaluate all the changes that are suggested and desired, and an activities and events committee to plan what will take place in the downtown area.
While the business improvement district concept is in the early stages of development, many of the committee members already have done some serious study and work toward making the entire project a reality.
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