Price City Planned Power Outage

Price City will be having a planned power outage beginning at midnight on Thursday, September 21st, 2017. It will last for one hour until 1:00 AM Friday. September 22nd, 2017, while minor maintenance is performed on one of the Electrical Sub-stations. The power outage will affect the areas around and east of Mead’s Wash, Cedar Hills Drive, and Main Street south of Airport Road. The area north of 400 North and east of 500 East will also be affected, as well as several traffic signals and the lights on the Southern Interchange of Highway 6 and Highway 55 (Main Street). We would like to remind everyone to make necessary arrangements for home healthcare, personal needs, and travel before the power outage. Treat any non-working Traffic Signal as a 4-way Stop and limit your time and distance traveling in the affected area during the outage. For More Information, please call the Price City Utilities Office at (435)636-3197.
Always report downed electrical wires to 911 or the Electrical Utility. Never try to go over, under, or around the downed wires and poles. As long as you are safe to do so, stay in your vehicle and move it away from the downed line if possible. Wait for the Police, Fire Department, or the Electrical Utility to notify you that it is safe to proceed.
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