Price City Police Welcomes New Officers


Right before the Thanksgiving holiday, the Price City Council hosted the swearing in of two new Price City Police Department (PCPD) officers.

The honorable Judge George Harmond led the oath of office ceremony for officers Chris White and Derick Anderson. The two officers were joined by fellow PCPD employees and family members for support, including Chief Brandon Sicilia.

The chief stated that what he was happiest about is the fact that White and Anderson have deep roots in Price City. Both have been residing in the city, with Anderson having served as a sergeant with the Carbon County Sheriff’s Office for five years.

On the other hand, White started his career in South Jordan as a fireman before returning to the area. Chief Sicilia stated that right now, the department has a full house for the first time in 10 years. The officers thanked the city for the opportunity, expressing excitement.

Price City Mayor Mike Kourianos expressed his appreciation for the duo’s hard work and for who the officers represent, as it is not always easy. “We’re very thankful for the officers in our community,” the mayor concluded.

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