Price City Receives CIB Funding for Flooding Damage and Mitigation


Press release

On September 22, 23, the Price City area experienced heavy thunderstorms and extreme flooding in a back-to-back to back manner. The flooding destroyed and impacted large amounts of public infrastructure as well as caused vast impacts to private properties.

Price City quickly assessed the damage to the public infrastructure in the community and a team consisting of Mayor Joe Piccolo, Nick Tatton, Russell Seeley and Miles Nelson approached the Utah Permanent Community Impact Fund Board (CIB) for funding assistance to repair the flood damage and mitigate future flooding damage. On Dec. 8, the CIB authorized a $975,000 grant and a $325,000, 2.5%, 20-year loan to be combined with $200,000 of Price City funding to repair the flood damage. Construction is scheduled to begin in the early spring.

Damage and mitigation actions that will be competed due to the generosity of the CIB Board and the efforts of Price City include:

  • Major culvert and roadway repairs at 400 S Meads Wash;
  • Upstream apron at 100 N Meads Wash;
  • 300 N Meads Wash headwall;
  • Siphon repair, canal crossing at Meads Wash;
  • 12” culinary water line crossing at Meads Wash;
  • Grassy Trail culinary water line at canal crossing;
  • 800 N (west) storm drain from 700 E to Meads Wash

The CIB provides loans and grants to counties, cities and towns that are impacted by mineral resource development on federal lands. Because local communities cannot collect taxes from federal lands, their ability to provide necessities like roads, municipal buildings, water and sewer service is diminished. To reduce that burden, a portion of the federal lease fees are returned to the Community Impact Board to distribute to the impacted communities.

For additional information on flood damage projects, contact Seeley or Nelson at (435) 637-5010. For additional information on the CIB, visit

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