Price City Recognizes the MHMS Archers


Participants of the Mont Harmon Middle School (MHMS) Archery Team were recognized by the Price City Council during a meeting on Wednesday evening.

MHMS Archery Adviser Tom Lasslo began the recognition by stating that there are 1,156 middle school teams that shoot in the United States. If they qualify for nationals, there are eastern and western competitions hosted, cutting down the center of the country.

Everyone in the west goes to the competition hosted in Utah. From there, those that qualify travel to Myrtle Beach, a feat that MHMS was able to accomplish. During the western competition in Utah, the team took second place and only missed out on first place by four points. When they attended the bigger competition in Myrtle Beach, they won with a final team score of 3,364.

From there, Lasslo recognized a number of archers on the team for doing exceptionally, including Lexi Cowley, who was the number one shooter with a 288, and Hunter Cowley, who ranked number one in the country in the elementary division.

Councilman Rick Davis asked about the bow they use to shoot and Lasslo explained that every kid shoots the exact same bow, fourth through 12th grade, so that everyone is on an equal playing field. Lasslo also explained that a lot of the funding comes from grants, the National Rifle Association and the MHMS principal.

There are tryouts that are hosted before the season in order to give students a fair shot at being on the team. Mayor Mike Kourianos said that the archers are representing the city of Price and that he could not be more proud of them.

“Keep up the good work,” Mayor Kourianos concluded.

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