Price Home Consumed by Flames


The holiday weekend turned disastrous on Saturday as a house in Price went up in flames. Crews responded to 600 South Rose Avenue on Saturday evening as a fire consumed a local home.

While crews were quick to the scene, so were spectators, which caused issues for firefighters. “As fire units were arriving, we discovered that we could not access the scene due to multiple spectators and traffic stopping in the middle of the road, hindering our access,” the Helper City Fire Department shared.

Nearly 50 vehicles were blocking the street, preventing fire units from accessing the scene. The Helper Fire Department stressed the importance of citizens steering clear from scenes such as these.

“Under no circumstances should the public drive to, stop or hinder in any way access for first responders,” Helper Fire shared. “We are asking the public to help with this issue as it has become a problem.”

Once crews were able to access the scene, the fire was extinguished. No injuries have been reported at this time, but a standard investigation is underway.

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