Price Novelist Featured in Bookish Podcast


It is no secret that Carbon County was home to well-known writer John D. Fitzgerald who penned the successful children’s series “The Great Brain.”

Sharon Madsen, an expert on all things Fitzgerald, was eager when she discovered that the books take place in her own backyard in Price City. Recently, Madsen appeared on the podcast aptly named “Book Club for Kids,” which is a free 20-minute show that is designed to introduce children to the world of books and mold them into lifelong readers.

The books have reached far and wide with a generation of children located in Houston falling for the stories so hard that they created their own book club named after the series. During the new podcast episode, they discuss the book, comparing it to Tom Sawyer’s skills with manipulation.

The celebrity reader for the podcast was J. Keith van Straaten of the “Go Fact Yourself” podcast with public radio veteran Kitty Felde as the host.

“‘Book Club for Kids features’ a conversation with a group of young readers about a middle grade novel, a reading from the book by a celebrity reader and an interview with the author,” Felde stated.

Book Club for Kids was named one of the world’s top ten podcasts for kids by “The Times” of London and was given an excellent rating by Common Sense Media. The podcast is also is winner of the DC Mayor’s Award for “Excellence in the Humanities” and the 2018 California Library Association’s Technology award.

To listen to the podcast featuring locals from the area, please click here.

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