Price River Overflows Banks Again *Image Gallery and Video*


In the time it took Price City Council to hold its regular meeting, Public Works Director Gary Sontag estimates the water traveling down the Price River rose 10 feet tonight.

Early in the afternoon dark clouds were seen in the direction of the Gordon Creek area. Sontag said it took about three hours for that downpour to make its way to the Price area.

Water completely covered sections of the Price River Trail, forcing the closure of some walking areas. The trail section that passes underneath the overpass near JB’s, was closed due to high water levels. The Fresh Market parking lot was covered in water and several inches of thick mud. Price City Police  monitored the area to ensure public safety.

According to Price City Detective Ed Malmgren, water levees located along the trail prevented further flooding. “The levees worked just like they were intended to,” Malmgren explained. “You can see exactly where the water level was and how it moved away from these brakes. They sure knew what they were doing when they put these in.”

Malmgren also explained that police asked several onlookers to step away from the waters edge while flooding occurred. “We had several people down here letting their children run through the mud,” he explained. “It’s important to stay away from areas like this during a flood.”

The trail has been closed several times this summer and according to Sontag, this is the sixth time the trail has flooded in it’s short history. The public works director also said they had not seen this type of flooding since the conclusion of the Seeley Fire last summer.

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