Carbon County Commission Renews Insurance Contract


Carbon County Commissioners John Jones and Casey Hopes conducted a regularly scheduled meeting on Aug. 21. During the meeting, commissioners agreed to renew the county’s current property, casualty and liability insurance.

After discussing the possibility of changing insurance companies, commissioners relied on the advice of county clerk Seth Oveson who felt comfortable with the current plan. “I recommend waiting one year to see how this (insurance plan) works,” Oveson advised. County attorney Christian Bryner concurred with Oveson’s recommendation.

Representatives from the insurance company Utah Local Governments Trust addressed the commission in an attempt to sway the approval of the current plan. “We offer significant savings for Carbon County,” one insurance representative stated. “We have given millions back to counties who are signed up with us.”

Oveson advised the commissioners that savings proposed by the company would not provide the same benefits as the county’s current plan does. After Oveson’s statement, insurance representatives began to defend their policies. This did not sit well with county commissioners.

“We owe him (Oveson) respect,” Jones explained. “We are going to support him and his decision to look further into what he needs to regarding this matter.”

Jones and Hopes both agreed that they were not willing to let go of the equity invested in the current insurance plan. Both commissioners offered their support to Oveson by renewing the current insurance plan.

Also during the commission meeting proceeds from the Mike Ballard Golf Tournament were presented to Richard Simmons. According to tournament chair Rose Barnes, proceeds from the annual golf event are presented each year to a local resident.

Simmons has been plagued with health issues and continues to receive medical attention. Barnes presented Simmons with a check for $10,877 to be used for medical expenses. Approximately 120 participants competed in the golf tournament that raised the funds on June 29.

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