Principal Spotlight: Roberta Hardy, Pinnacle Canyon Academy High School


By Pinnacle Canyon Academy High School Staff

Roberta Hardy is a phenomenal principal, boss and woman. She is an inspiration to everyone that has had the honor of meeting her. Roberta always goes beyond what the average principal would do to ensure that every student and staff member is satisfied and working to the best of their abilities. She believes the best way to help her students is to make certain her employees are well taken care of. She always goes above and beyond to support her staff.

Often times, students are seen as just a number. To Roberta, this couldn’t be further from the truth. She sees the students as the individuals that they are and cares for them all deeply. Some of our students go without a lot of the amenities we take for granted and if she sees this, she will personally provide whatever the students need. Whether it be a warm shower, clean clothes or an extra meal, she will do everything in her ability to make sure that the students are taken care of. She truly wants these students to see their own potential, even the more difficult ones that fight her tooth and nail, she will do absolutely everything in her power to give them a fighting chance at succeeding in life. She doesn’t stop there; she spends countless hours writing grants for programs that will not only better the school, but the community as a whole.

She provides counseling for families struggling with various issues such as substance abuse, divorce and anything else that they need help coping with. Another revolutionary program she has worked on tirelessly is the H.O.P.E project. This provides internships to students who wish to pursue a career in the medical field. We, the staff at Pinnacle, can not commend her enough for everything that she does.

She is brilliant, loving, tenacious, driven, sympathetic and inspiring. We love you Mrs. Hardy and thank you for everything.

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