The Board of County Commissioners appoints members to a number of boards and committees which advise and assist governing County programs.  Serving on an appointed board or committee is a great way to participate in decisions that affect you and to learn more about how local government works.

Volunteer boards and committees play a variety of important roles and are designed to encourage citizen participation in government, provide representation of different interests and viewpoints, and to take advantage of specialized skills, expertise and experience among persons generally employed in areas other than government.

These various boards also advise the County Commissioners on service priorities, how to distribute available resources, and how to improve collaboration with the communities within the County.

Carbon County is currently seeking applications to fill vacancies on the following boards and committees for terms beginning January 1, 2024:

Number of vacancies: 2
Term: 4 year

This is a seven member board that is appointed by the Board of Commissioners and meets monthly to approve land use applications and recommend zoning ordinances and maps, subdivision regulations, amendments to same, requests for conditional use permits, etc. to the County Commission.  Alternates take part in deliberations and vote when a member of the commission is absent from a meeting

Number of vacancies: 4
2 regular positions/3 year terms and 2 alternate positions/1 year terms

This five-member bipartisan board, mandated by state law, consists of three regular members and two alternate members.  Meetings are held on an as-needed basis to hear appeals not resolved at lower levels in cases of Carbon County career service employees who have been suspended, transferred, demoted, or dismissed as well as in cases of other grievances not resolved by the grievance process at the county and/or departmental level.

Number of vacancies: 3
Term: 2 year term

This Board meets twice per year, or more often if necessary.  The focus is on the promotion of Tourism and the development of tourism related facilities within Carbon County.  Board members are responsible for making recommendations to the Carbon County Commissioners for the expenditure of the restaurant sales tax and transient room tax collected in Carbon County. The Board must be composed of members living within Carbon County, and a majority of the members must be current employees of entities operating restaurants or hotel/lodging businesses within Carbon County.  The balance of the board members must be employees of recreational facilities, convention facilities, museums, cultural attractions, or other tourism-related industries located within Carbon County.

Number of Vacancies: One (1)
Position: Regular
Terms: one (1) 4 year term and one (1) – 2 year term to finish a term for someone leaving.

This board meets every month to create policies for the Carbon County Housing Authority’s financial management, write the agency’s long-range plan, establish departmental budgets and general personnel policies, assist with compliance with legal and financial standards, and monitor routine monthly expenditures.   

Number of vacancies: 5
Position: Regular
Terms: 4 year terms

The Utah Noxious Weed Act provides that each county have a weed control board that is responsible for the control of noxious weeds, consisting of not less than three nor more than five members of whom shall be farmers or ranchers whose primary income is derived from the production of agriculture.

Number of Vacancies: 1
Term: Regular Four (4) year term
Positions: Division 4

All that portion of the proposed district situated within the legal boundaries of Price City, a municipal corporation in Carbon County, State of Utah. This board is responsible for the operation, maintenance and safety of Scofield Dam.

Applications are due December 5, 2023. Appointment will take place at the December 6, 2023 regular commission meeting.

Published in the ETV Newspaper November 1, November 8, November 15 and November 22, 2023.

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