Reconstruction of Golf Course Begins as Rehabilitation of Millsite Dam Continues


By Julie Johansen

As the grading for the reconstruction of holes three and four on Millsite Golf Course begins, the native materials need to be screened in order to be used on the dam. Rocks 18” to 24” were uncovered so a crusher was moved on the site again with three or four inch screens to prepare the materials to be used in the rehabilitation of the downstream side of the dam. The earthwork is now just a little over 20 feet from the new crest of the dam.

The pad is being widened to allow trucks to dump materials into the shouldering machine but will be narrowed again when the top is reached. This means that the riff-raff rock on the face of the dam will not be put into place any higher until the rest of the earthwork is finished. Contractors are still working toward a finish date of December for the earth work.

The design crew of the concrete has received comments from the federal government and they will now address those comments and return them. They are hoping for a meeting to expedite matters. They must analyze it correctly and compare results but it is unlikely that anything already constructed will need to be replaced. There will be an overlay on the floor of the spillway but the labyrinth weir should remain with only some cleaning.

The reservoir continues to lower but this is only because of the needs of the irrigation company and the use of their water. Forty feet of water will remain in the reservoir when irrigation season comes to an end. Irrigation has remained normal with the excess water from the winter snowfall.

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