Regional Forester Visits Price

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Forest Service images by Troy Suwyn and Andrew Orlemann

For the October 2023 session of the Regional Forester of the Intermountain Region visit, a stop was made in various locations throughout the state, including the Price office.

The forester spends one week on each of two National Forests in the region each year, typically choosing April and October as the months for the visits. The purpose for these visits it to make connections between the regional office and the forest staff to build relationships, work together on solutions and assess challenges.

The current Regional Forester is Mary Farnsworth and she is known for being committed to meeting employees, listening to concerns and providing steps in order to resolve common problems. For the April session, the team traveled to the Dixie National Forest.

For the October session, the team began in Monticello and met with employees before touring a portion of the Bears Ears National Monument while celebrating key partnerships. Following, a day was spent in Moab discussing facilities, forest planning and housing. Finally, the forester team stopped in Price.

While in Price, the group met with coal producers and plant managers at the Huntington Canyon Power Plant and was also invited to explore Crandall Canyon. To conclude the session, the team took a tour of the USU Eastern Prehistoric Museum.

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