Rep. Albrecht Reports on COVID-19, Unemployment


Representative Carl Albrecht, District 70

By Representative Carl Albrecht, District 70

Most county fairs are over and high school football has started. Schools will be starting soon. Hopefully, we can get back to some normalcy in our lives.

COVID-19 Update

Utah’s COVID-19 Case Counts from Aug. 10-14 are outlined below.

Monday, August 10
* 44,390 positive cases, an increase of 263 from the previous day
* 574,560 total tests administered
* 193 current hospitalizations
* 345 total deaths, nine more than the previous day
* 34,319 recovered cases

Tuesday, August 11
* 44,752 positive cases, an increase of 362 from the previous day
* 578,549 total tests administered
* 189 current hospitalizations
* 349 total deaths, four more than the previous day
* 34,764 recovered cases

Wednesday, August 12
* 44,752 positive cases, an increase of 338 from the previous day
* 581,209 total tests administered
* 200 current hospitalizations
* 351 total deaths, two more than the previous day
* 35,311 recovered cases

Thursday, August 13
* 45,424 positive cases, an increase of 334 from the previous day
* 584,656 total tests administered
* 184 current hospitalizations
* 353 total deaths, two more than the previous day
* 35,817 recovered cases

Friday, August 14
*   45,976 positive cases, an increase of 552 from the previous day (144 of those cases are from a delay in reporting dating back to early June).
*   589,817 total tests administered
*   171 current hospitalizations
*   360 total deaths, seven more than the previous day
*   36,679 recovered cases

Utah’s seven-day rolling average for positive tests is 369 per day. For more information on COVID-19, please visit You can also call 1-800-456-7707 to receive the latest information.

Test Utah

We have recently seen a decrease in COVID-19 testing. Anyone with symptoms should get tested in order for us to have the latest data and help slow the spread. Test Utah is a fast, safe and free way to get tested for COVID-19. Visit to find out more.

Unemployment Update

A few key points to highlight from last week (Aug. 2-8):

* Traditional unemployment insurance new claims decreased 8.5% from the previous week to 2,913 claims
* Pandemic Unemployment Assistance new claims decreased by 8.2% from the previous week to 764 claims
* Pandemic Extended Unemployment Claims increased by 6.1% from the previous week to 1,179 claims
* Total new claims for all three programs ended the week at 4,854 (see claim graph below)
* Combined weekly claims for all three programs was at 73,300
* Total combined numbers from March 15 to Aug. 8
New claims: 273,793
Benefits paid: $1,323,631,265

The Unemployment Insurance Division will be ready to mobilize and implement any changes that come from either the White House or Congress. The Department of Workforce Services successfully implemented CARES Act programs and will be ready again. Also, I want to remind you that all claimants will be required to do the weekly job contacts after Aug. 15 unless their employer declares a job attachment.

Back to School

Every school district throughout the state is dealing with unique challenges to ensure students and teachers are safe returning to school. Governor Gary Herbert requested each school district to submit plans by Aug. 1. Those plans have all been submitted and are being reviewed. Additionally, the Utah State Board of Education has released guidelines for districts to follow and the Department of Health has put a plan in place in the case an outbreak happens within a school. We will also have many pieces of education-related legislation to address during the upcoming special session. For more information, please visit


The amount of federal funding Utah receives for healthcare, education and transportation is dependent on census participation. Please take the census if you have not yet done so. Click here for more information and to fill out the survey:

Please contact me with questions or concerns or call or text me. Thank you for the opportunity to serve and represent you.

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