Rep. Cheryl Acton Proposes Abortion Limitations With House Bill 136


While many bills with many different topics are currently being taken to the legislation, one bill in particular has stood out for many in Utah.

House Bill 136, sponsored by Representative Cheryl Acton of West Jordan, will work to amend abortion law in a way that will prohibit abortions after 18 weeks gestation.

The House Judiciary Committee heard not only personal testimony on either side of the issue, but also heard from healthcare professionals such as Dr. Cara Heuser with Intermountain Healthcare. Though Dr. Heuser spoke against the bill, the committee voted seven to five to recommend it.

Dr. Heuser spoke against the bill by stating that an ultrasound in which doctors begin to find abnormalities with the pregnancy or child occur between 18 to 20 weeks of gestation. She also expressed that issues would be found even later.

Rep. Acton assured all that HB136 will still preserve a woman’s right to abort, simply limiting the weeks. She continued by stating that the bill is different from those in other states due to exceptions, including the pregnancy resulting from rape, the fetus having lethal defects and more.

HB136 can be viewed by clicking here.

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