Representative John Curtis Introduces “No Work, No Pay” Act


The recent government shutdown has affected Utahans in yet another way.

During the first day of the new congress, Jan. 3, Representative John Curtis made the announcement of a new bill. The “No Work, No Pay” Act, H.R. 26, prohibits senators as well as members of Congress from pay in instances of federal funding lapses.

Rep. Curtis remarked on the decision to present the bill, stating that if Congress cannot conduct its expected job of passing a budget and funding the government, then Congress should not be paid. He then made a request to the Clerk of the House in the form of withholding his pay until the government is fully funded once more.

According to Rep. Curtis, it is his belief that lawmakers must be held accountable in order to find a common ground and solve the current shutdown issue.

He was also noted that Washington would do well to take note of states such as Utah that “do it right.” He continued that sentiment by stating that not only does the Utah Legislature pass a baseline budget at the beginning of each session in order to avoid shutdown threats, they also make a point to responsibly balance the state’s budget each year.

For those that wish to obtain more information on the “No Work, No Pay” Act, as well as track the progress or sign up for alerts, click here.

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