RUCD Head Start Highlighted With Bright Spot Award


Recently, the Rural Utah Child Development (RUCD) Head Start was informed that it is being honored by the National Head Start Association (NHSA) with the Bright Spot Award.

RUCD was chosen for this award due to serving as a shining example of the unique characteristics of Head Start that assist with the program’s strength. The Head Start Association strives to make positive changes for millions of at-risk children and their families.

RUCD was one of ten Head Start programs from across that country selected to receive the award. This is a recognition that is given as part of NHSA’s multi-year narrative project that entitled “Standing Strong, Staying United; Strengthening Every Head Start Community.”

It was stated that NHSA’s purpose for the project was to evolve the Head Start narrative in a way that also encompassed the changing early childhood landscape. This purpose also aligns with the NHSA’s objectives to advocate for policy changes that would ensure that children and their families are given what is needed to succeed.

Linking those that are most at-risk to Head Start’s window of opportunity was deemed extremely pertinent to the project, as well.

RUCD was informed that, as the recipient of the Bright Spot Award for Region VII, they will be receiving a monetary gift of $1,500 as well as being engaged by the NHSA as an ambassador in demonstrating the best practices developed by the aforementioned project.

Furthermore, those that were awarded a Bright Spot have been directed to host a forum to take place within the first three months of 2019 that will highlight the core principles of the new head Start Language Playbook for their respective communities. RUCD will then have a representative attend the annual Head Start Conference that is hosted in San Antonio in the apring to share what their program learned from the rest of the Head Start community.

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