Richfield Takes the Lead in Meadow Brook


Stock photo by Dusty Butler

Region 12 golf swung up to Meadow Brook to play on the green on Wednesday morning. Richfield played well and took back the lead with a score of 304.

Juab followed closely in second (306), Delta in third (307) and Carbon in fourth (314). Emery finished in fifth place (324), Canyon View in sixth (335) and Manti in seventh (337). North Sanpete rounded out the scoring with 354.

Carbon’s top golfer for the day was Kyler Clark with 74. He was joined by Dayton King (79), Jack Hedin (80) and Rydge Butler (81). Cole Callahan scored an 84, followed by Kolten Wilkinson (88), Jason Tatton Jr (89) and Sam Madrid (94).

For the Spartans, Joey Leonard came out on top with 76. Turner Stoker followed with 79, while Alex Hansen finished with 80. Kade Larsen and Dempsey Toomer shared the score of 89. Champ Justice’s scored a 91, while Kage VanWagoner took 93. Finally, Logan Riley rounded out the scores with 95.

The season will continue for the Region 12 teams as they play once again on Tuesday, Oct. 3 at Cove View.

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