Sally Mauro Artists Band Together to Create Mural


Photo Courtesy of Carma Whiting

A special mural was on display during the recent parent teacher conferences at Sally Mauro Elementary. This wings mural was unique due to each feather being decorated by a different student.

Each artist chose the color of their individual feather. Even those that weren’t present at school during the day of the mural’s creation were included as their feathers were outlined in white and added with the others.

A total of 296 feathers make up the display. For the mural, 287 of the feathers are from the students with nine fillers to even it out. The wings mural measures 12 feet wide, tip to tip, and is nearly five feet in height.

While the process of creating the display was undoubtedly time consuming, it was a way to band together the Sally Mauro Bulls and ensure that they were proud of something they made.

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