Carbon School District Issues Snow Day Due to Poor Road Conditions


The Carbon School District announced that the entire district will be closed on Friday due to poor road conditions.

“Due to current road conditions,” the district shared early Friday morning, “Carbon School District will be closed today.”

The snow day will give the district a four-day weekend as schools are also closed on Monday in honor of Presidents Day.

“I have been in touch with our hard working roads people all night,” said district superintendent Lance Hatch. “Again, I find that we are in a position to have to make a decision regarding whether to hold school or not. This is not an easy decision and much goes into making it. Making up a snow day is not pleasant for anyone and causes many different levels of inconvenience. However, that problem is small weighed against the safety of students, staff and parents who would be forced to navigate treacherous roads to continue with school as usual.”

This is the second snow day for Carbon School District this year. The district was also closed on Jan. 18 due to poor road conditions. The school district has planned to make up that missed day of school on Thursday, May 23, pushing the last day of school back one day.


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