San Rafael Students Enjoy College and Career Awareness Job Shadow Day


Pictured left to right: Kelsey Jorgensen, Tyler Frandsen, Joey Leonard and Camdon Larsen

Press Release

San Rafael Middle School College and Career Awareness students recently participated in the statewide job shadow day. To correspond with Groundhog Day, the students had the opportunity to shadow an adult for a day of work. This day provides the students a chance to discover what it is like to be at work for a day. Some students discovered that the job they shadowed was fun and perhaps it would be a career that would interest them. Other students discovered that the jobs they shadowed were something they would not want to pursue. Overall, the students had good experiences learning about different career choices.

Joey Leonard (Director of Ethics and Compliance)—The day of work was very fun and I liked the job because it was a cool job. For my grandma’s job, she had to know a lot of medical terminology because she has to know what needs to be coded and audited.

Tyler Frandsen (Kindergarten Teacher) –The biggest and most helpful thing I learned about kindergarten is that no matter how bad you mess up, the kids will still respect and like you. I believe that an early childhood job would definitely be a considerable career option. I would say that job shadowing a kindergarten teacher at Castle Dale Elementary was one of the greatest opportunities I have ever been offered.

Kelsey Jorgensen (Third Grade Teacher) — I have always wanted to be a teacher since I was a third grader and now job shadowing a teacher makes me want to do it even more. I would love to become a teacher! I got to do tons of fun things. I got to help the kids do art projects. I love art! The kids were fun to be around and I love Ms. Anderson as a person. Overall, I loved it!

Camdon Larsen (UDOT)—Some parts of the job I did like are that you get to be outside often. You get to see a lot of different animals. You also get to learn about weather and what to do when the day is full of bad weather. Overall, I had fun going and seeing what my dad does for work.

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