Satellite Library Between Helper City and East Carbon Approved by Helper City Council


On Thursday evening, the Helper City Council met virtually for the November meeting. At the meeting, one item discussed was a possible library service agreement with East Carbon City.

The Helper City Library is looking to have an outreach satellite library in East Carbon as the Carbon County Bookmobile is no longer running. The state has money to fund the implementation of the satellite library, though there does need to be an agreement between the two cities to have the program. From there, the state will cover the funding.

This funding will cover one employee going to East Carbon once per week to set up and run the satellite library. It was explained by Councilwoman Michelle Goldsmith and Councilwoman Amanda Wheeler that the agreement outlines which entity is responsible for each aspect.

Through the program, the library will receive new computers and books. It was also stated that when the Bookmobile closed its doors, many duplicate books where given to the library and this provides a great opportunity for others to read them. The grant is for one year and the employee will remain for that term.

Helper City Mayor Lenise Peterman expressed her excitement in the program, stating that it is vital for every city to have a library that is well taken care of. She stated that it is a great opportunity for both cities.

After discussion on concerns of liability and what will happen to the program within the year, in which it was stated that the grant is able to be applied for again, the satellite library program between Helper City and East Carbon City was approved by the council.

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