See Mule Deer at Upcoming DWR Viewing Event


DWR biologists are recommending a slight increase in the number of general season buck deer permits available for hunts in Utah this fall.

DWR News Release

November is the perfect time for wildlife watchers and photographers to see mule deer since the deer migrate during breeding season and also move to lower elevations in search of feed.

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources is hosting a free wildlife watching event on Saturday, Nov. 18 from 2-7 p.m. at the Nash Wash Wildlife Management Area, located east of Green River in east-central Utah. Deer mating season, also known as the rut, happens in November, and mule deer bucks typically spend their energy focusing on does or fighting other males, making them fun to watch.

The wildlife management area is a great place to see deer, especially bucks. Viewers should be able to see deer from their vehicles as they drive along the WMA’s network of maintained roads. While visitors will likely have a fairly close view of the deer, remember that it can be dangerous to approach wild animals, especially during mating season when the bucks can become very aggressive. Be sure to maintain a safe distance if you see deer at the viewing event.

“Remember wildlife are wild, and we can’t guarantee the deer will be on display for the event,” DWR Regional Outreach Manager Brandon Behling said. “But Nash Wash WMA is a great place to see deer during the rut and is also home to other wildlife species.”

Wildlife management areas help minimize and mitigate wildlife depredation on private property, and are vital to providing important winter ranges and feeding grounds for many wildlife species, including big game. These lands are purchased and managed using the money generated by fishing and hunting license sales.

Participants should bring binoculars or a spotting scope, a camera, water, warm clothes and snacks to the event. Participants should also be aware there are no restroom facilities in the area. The Nash Wash WMA is approximately 12 miles down a dirt road, but having four-wheel drive is not required to make the trip. This event is weather dependent, as rain and snow can make the road impassable.

While this event is free, it is limited to 35 people and is available for participants on a first-come, first-served basis. Register on Eventbrite to save your spot for the event.

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