SEUHD Introduces New Community Health Director


The Southeast Utah Health Department (SEUHD) Board of Health hosted a virtual meeting on Tuesday evening. During the meeting, SEUHD Health Officer Brady Bradford introduced the new Community Health Director, Jessica Serfustini.

Serfustini will be replacing Debbie Marvidikis, who has retired. Serfustini explained that she is originally from Price and left for about 15 years. She is glad to be back home and shared that she is extremely excited for the opportunity at the health department.

According to Bradford, Serfustini has education in community health and interned with the health department before she originally left. He said that she was very successful in the internship and though she was not involved in the public health world while away, she has strong managerial skills.

Bradford also said that Serfustini has proven to be adaptable and is learning what is possibly the broadest program that the SEUHD currently has. Marvidikis left a great legacy, Bradford said, and it is one that Serfustini has been able to pick up and mold now to her own personality and vision.

“We have seen and will continue, I know, to see awesome things from everything that is going on in health education and health equity, and with her at the helm,” Bradford stated.

He informed the board that they will be seeing Serfustini more often as she continues to integrate into the department. She then thanked Bradford for all of his kind words.

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