Seventh Grade Egg Drop Project at Mont Harmon Junior High


Seventh grader, Katie Yovone demonstrates how her egg drop invention works. Photo courtesy of Mont Harmon Junior High Journalism.

Article provided by Mont Harmon Junior High Journalism Department

By: Caitlyn Dimick

Seventh grade students were assigned the egg drop project in science class. The egg drop project was supposed to explain the scientific method through examples. Students had to create an experiment that would protect their egg from breaking. They dropped their device from the bleachers at various heights.

Science teacher, Ms. LeCrone said, “The most common projects are food projects. They usually use cake, Jello, or marshmallows. Some of the most unique projects are the ones filled with a lot of balloons.”

Seventh grader, Rachel Stout was just one of the successful students who accomplished all three drops. She used quilt batting, elastics, and a clear container for her project. She tied the elastics to the side of the box because she knew it could be used as a suspension.

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