Significant Moisture Causes Forest Managers to Turn Mammoth Fire Back to Local Unit


Forest Service Press Release

After a significant amount of precipitation the last few days, as well as a snow event Tuesday evening, fire managers are turning the Mammoth Fire back to the local unit. The Ferron-Price Ranger District will continue to monitor and patrol the area. The fire remains at 800 acres and is being reported as 75% contained.

Prior to the moisture received, firefighters used an infrared map to focus their efforts on the remaining hot spots. Both bucket drops from aircraft and crews on the ground were able to put out any visible smokes. While no smoke is visible now, as the snow melts, some areas may heat up again and produce smoke. Crews will remain to monitor the fire.

The area closure order remains in place, which includes the portion of Lake Canyon Campground nearest the fire, and the trails and roads that lead into and out of that portion of the campground and fire area.  Millers Flat Road and the rest of the large camping sites in the campground not near the fire are open.

This was a lightning-caused fire that has been managed for forest benefit. The fire has been beneficial to the land, helping restore the ecosystem by clearing up dead vegetation and downed trees from beetle kill, as well as promoting aspen restoration. The fire is about 29 miles northwest of Huntington, Utah and just southwest of the Miller Flat Junction with SR-31. The fire started on July 23.

Although there are no fire restrictions at this time, visitors are asked to use caution when building fires. To receive updates on fires on the Manti-La Sal National Forest, go to and sign up under Stay Connected!

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