Southeastern Utah Health Department to Relocate to Old 7th District Court Building


A public hearing was hosted during the Wednesday evening Carbon County Commission meeting in order to receive public input on the possible exchange of the old Seventh District Court building and detective’s building with the Southeastern Utah Health Department (SEUHD).

One individual, Paul Martinez, approached the commissioners with concerns. Martinez is the owner of the property, Price Family Dental, that is adjacent to the old courthouse. Over the years, after the courthouse had been built, there were a few issues that occurred. Martinez stated that he wished to bring them to the attention of the commissioners.

Martinez said that the maximum height for fences was breached when the courthouse was constructed and he has noticed major drainage issues. These are things that he believed should be addressed prior to the sale, transfer or occupancy. Martinez requested that the fence separating the properties be removed or brought into compliance and the drainage on the west side be modified to avoid the Martinez property.

He also stated that he believed that the sidewalk by the detective’s building should be repaired or replaced. The commissioners agreed that they believed the issues could be resolved.

Then, SEUHD Director of Health Brady Bradford spoke. He stated that the department has grown over the last two years to the point where they are no longer containing the workforce. He informed the commissioners that they also have a real possibility of continuing to grow.

With these topics in mind, the SEUHD had considered options for a new building or remodel. Bradford expressed his appreciation at the idea that has come forth from working with the commissioners.

“We always strive to be good neighbors,” Bradford concluded.

It was explained that most counties in the state provide a building for their health department and that the county would trade the health department in a land exchange for the current building. The exchange with the SEUHD was approved by the commissioners.

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